Milwaukee’s Best Light Releases Limited Edition Cans Featuring Poker Legend Phil Hellmuth

Miller Brewing Company has signed Poker Hall of Fame member Phil Hellmuth to be featured on limited edition cans of Milwaukee’s Best, Milwaukee’s Best Light and Milwaukee’s Best Ice. The Milwaukee’s Best cans will be available nationally throughout the summer, coinciding with the brands sponsorship of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The new can designs will feature Hellmuth’s likeness and his trademark poker quotes on 12 million cans of the Milwaukee’s Best brand.

Aside from the new look, Milwaukee’s Best will support the new sponsorship with a national register-to-win promotion, with one lucky consumer receiving a poker lesson from Hellmuth during an all-expenses-paid trip for four (4) to the 2009 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The promotion runs until August 31st and participants can win a variety of poker and Phil Hellmuth-related prizes, including poker sets, Phil Hellmuth hats and “Poker Brat” T-shirts.

“Milwaukee’s Best Light has served as the presenting sponsor of the world’s premier poker event for three years, so partnering with one of the world’s top players seemed like a perfect next step,” said Milwaukee’s Best Light marketing manager Rita Patel. “Whether it’s supporting the World Series of Poker or being the beer of choice for Friday night games in basements, Milwaukee’s Best Light is the perfect fit for poker.”

“When I chose poker as a profession, I had a feeling I’d never get my face on the front of a Wheaties box, so to be immortalized on millions of cans of Milwaukee’s Best from coast to coast is a real thrill,” said Hellmuth. “Milwaukee’s Best Light has been a loyal supporter of poker for many years, so it’s great to join the team and know that millions of thirsty Milwaukee’s Best fans get to stare at me while taking a sip of this great beer.”
Hellmuth was recently invited by Miller to catch a glimpse of the finished product at the factory. “I’ve done some pretty cool things, and this ranked close to the top,” said Hellmuth upon his visit. “Watching the can come off the line and then having them hand me one was amazing. It was like winning a WSOP bracelet, it really was. I was just on cloud nine.”