Jay Tan


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Her Roots

Jennette “Jay” Tan was born in Los Angeles, California to a Chinese father and Taiwanese mother, but soon moved back to Hong Kong where she would live until the age of 4.  While her father continued to work overseas to earn a better income to fund his children’s education, Jay and her brother would relocate with their mother to Sydney, Australia where she would live until the age of 25.  After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication and Masters of Business in Finance and Accounting, Tan moved to Hong Kong to pursue a career in investment banking.

Self-Proclaimed Adrenaline Junkie

Jay’s love for the game of poker most certainly relates to her craving for adrenaline, and before she got involved in the game, one of her favorite pastimes was cruising around town on her Honda motorcycle.  She gained interest in poker by watching it on television, and soon began playing at home games with friends before heading straight to the cash game tables in Sydney where she would grind for hours upon hours as she sharpened her poker skills and built her bankroll.  She has since found that the development of her poker instincts are more suited to tournament-style poker, and she thoroughly enjoys the excitement of watching the clocks tick away as big stacks are built and small stacks tremble as their tournament lives come to an end.

Poker Future

Jennette’s has already won over $60,000 in tournament play and is looking to increase that number exponentially.  Her good looks, sharp poker skills, and tri-lingual language abilities caught the eye of poker giant Bodog, and she has recently inked a deal to represent their brand.  With a big sponsorship comes big opportunity, so keep an eye out as this fearless lady of poker makes her rise to the top.