Poker Player Roster

Professional. Reliable. Engaging. Charismatic. Trustworthy.

All of these words accurately describe our clients. If your organization chooses to engage a Poker Royalty client in a business relationship, you will know with certainty what you are getting in return. Poker Royalty's exclusive clients are the brightest stars in the poker world.

Professional Poker Players

At Poker Royalty, it's all about the players. Our business revolves around exclusively representing the biggest and brightest stars in poker today. In 2003, we created and pioneered the poker player representation industry based on a simple philosophy: Our goal is to help our players reach their goals.


Celebrity Poker Players

If your client or company is getting a bit tired of the typical golf tournament or company retreat, you should consider hosting a poker event at your next company function! Whether it is a large tournament with several tables or an intimate corporate event for your key customers and clients, Poker Royalty can assist with the entire process.