Poker Media

Media Sales in the Poker Industry

Poker Royalty is ideally situated to maximize your media investment aimed at the poker player demographic. We work with our corporate clients to plan and purchase poker specific media campaigns in TV, print, and online.

Our relationships in the gaming industry are unparalleled, which allows us to negotiate the best deals and provide our clients the best pricing. Regardless of your budget, we take away key barriers to entry, providing cost-efficient ways to determine the most effective execution of your media campaign.

We add significant value by working directly with program producers, TV networks, Internet TV (I-TV) networks, syndicators and broadcasters to help our clients achieve their media goals. Our partnerships with major global television and online program syndicators have created a media footprint that has no boundaries.

Poker Royalty is ideally positioned to:

  • Plan, negotiate and purchase media campaigns in TV, print, and online
  • Locate a U.S. and/or international television network to air your original television program
  • Assist and direct the sales efforts for the commercial time available within each program
  • Target both non-gaming and gaming advertisers to sponsor and support your media initiatives
  • Find product placement and advertiser underwriting opportunities

Whatever your marketing budget might be, we will present you with a solution that will go above and beyond your expectations. For additional poker media sales inquiries and information, please contact